Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Job

"I made the economic crisis my boyfriend"- Josh Terry

So as some of you know I started a new job recently.. this past Thursday to be exact. So far, i LOVE LOVE it. It is so perfect and I couldn't be more happy about it.

This past year I have been really stubborn with starting a job. I didn't want to get a job just to say I have a job. I wanted to start a career, in something I love. I suppose you could say I was being selfish about it. With this mentality it meant I had had to live penny to penny, dollar to dollar these past couple months. I didn't have an extra cent to spend on something other then bills and gas, so my shelf in the pantry has been a little bare for quite awhile. But when I got the call last Tuesday and was offered the position I couldn't have been more happier. I'd be lying if I said I didn't shed a little tear. I am so happy that I was stubborn and waited.

I am the Program Director for the Village Health & Spa.. or Sport Club out in Verrado. Its a little bit of a drive, so there is the possibility of a move, but I am not too worried about that right now, one thing at a time. For those that keep asking what it is I stole the summary of the job from the job posting.. so here is a little bit of what I will do.

Program Director

Job Summary:

Assist in the long-term retention of memberships by developing, implementing and managing member service programs and activities for existing member participation and to attract new members.

Summary Of Essential Functions:

· Attract and Retain members by consistently providing excellent customer service
· Oversee the aquatics programming, swim lessons and classes.
· Market and organize socials working directly with the Village staff or outside vendor as necessary.
· Place high emphasis on the importance of the social element which includes Assisting with Community Events by working closely with the Verrado Town Management/Verrado marketing Team/Raven Golf Club through interactive community programs such as Founders Weekend and Hometown Holidays also includes participation in planning and execution of club events as needed.
· Manage club calendars of events such as and
· Manage Facility Rentals for birthday parties, weddings, church functions and all other event rentals.
· Approachable management style which includes supervising and managing staff members, planning, assigning and direct work/projects, appraising performance, and annual individual/team goals
· Responsible for hiring, staffing, scheduling and training of department staff
· Prepare and manage departmental budget
· Works with all Department heads with all aspects of the club.
· Participates in the Manager on Duty System
· Participate in manager training programs as deemed necessary by General Manager

BOOM roasted.


  1. That Josh Terry guy is one clever fellow. All day, every day, all night dude.

  2. So cool! You are such a grown-up.
    Isn't that weird?