Thursday, September 9, 2010

Disneyland Adventure.....

Whelp, i can think of no better time then now, when i feel as though i am on my death bed, to write about this past weekends adventure in Disneyland. I have a feeling Micky had something to do with my illness seeing as how a fellow traveler of mine, who also touch Micky is sick as well. I will show you this picture... Micky in the middle, Allison and I on the sides. Enough said.

So, as we beginning this adventure to the Happiest place on earth we first must get our tickets. You see, we found this place to get tickets for $60, instead of the usual $101. We had an appt at 8:45 to pick up the tickets, and so we were there promptly at 8:40. This is where the fun beginnings. There was a group of 3 other women, and a couple also waiting to get there tickets. They were there after us, but didn't seem to understand the concept of respect and wait for your turn. One of the women rudely blurted out "we have appointment!" and i believe all six of us said, SO DO WE. We were asked to wait outside because a group was already inside and one group at a time... so we did. we waited, and waited and finally we got in. So then Alli and i had to sit in this room with the other ladies to sign out the tickets, of course they didn't speak in English, so we assumed they were talking about us. Probably about how adorable we looked in Tye Dye. So we decided to text back and forth about how the girl of the couple was pacing in the hall way like she was about to go into labor. I mean really? Calm down!!!! So as Alli and i were chuckling we finally got our tickets but not without lots of laughter before.

So we are on our way to the park, but of COURSE there is a Marathon going on and of COURSE you can't exit off the normal Disneyland exit. So, more waiting. This time with some angry drivers who cut me off and honk their horn. "HELLO, do you not SEE the size of my 8 passenger burban that will crush your tiny Honda little girl?? Stop texting and pay attention!!!" So of course, we are humored. So finally we make a left, and find a vacant parking lot that belongs to this office building that is not opened on sundays. SO of course, lets park there. Its right across the street and really, who is going to complain? But just in case, i leave this happy little note... because hey, a heads up would be awfully nice! So did we get towed? Well you will just have to wait till the end of the blog to find out...

So finally, WE ARE IN. First mission, World of Color fast passes. 45 minutes later, mission accomplished. Second mission, obviously Micky ears, people NEED to know these tye dye shirts stand for something!! CHECK. Third mission, picture with Micky, which is conveniently located outside the Micky ears store. CHECK. (see picture above) Now, a ride? of course! So, after hours of waiting, some not so bright individuals and lots of laughter we hit up some rides! favorite of California adventure, Probably Tower of Terror. Alli had never been on it, which is neat. She had never been to Disneyland in general actually, just Disney World (spoiled) so it was all new to her! Allison was our Bride. P.S did i mention this whole trip was for a bachlorette party? If not, i just did.

This is us looking scared for the ride. Pretty fun. Did i mention this GIANT beetle that would NOT leave us alone in the Tower for Terror line!! Were we those girls who screamed and swatted at air, Yes. Were be probably annoying, Yes. If you would have seen the size of this thing you would of too, i can guarantee it. It liked the Tye Dye, seriously, it did. It found us in line even after we moved. Moving on....

We went on this rapid ride. Where you sit in a circle all looking at each other, thought it would be nice and refreshing, it was getting pretty hot. So we all sit and are getting excited, well we go down this slight downhill slope (not sure what else to call it) and the girls that were going backwards got SOAKED. Shawna, Alli and I on the other side weren't too bad. Just waist down really. Well as the ride keeps going and of course the raft keeps turning, we are about to go down another Downhill slope (i am beginning to think this is the technical term for it) that's TWICE as big. And of course, Alli and i end up backwards. So as females, we do what we know best, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, ahhhhhhhhhahahah, NOOOOOOOO"- this is a exact quote, from both of us, at the top of lungs. So what happened. A small squirt of water lands on my jean shorts. "we were perhaps a tad bit dramatic"-Allison. Yeah, she was right.

Then around 3:30 we head over to the magic kingdom, by this point we have been on every ride worth riding anyway in California adventure, Soaring over California is seriously the best. And we had not at this point sat down. We had though, eaten our lunch in line, so we were nourished.

To speed this story up lets just talk about how Space Mountain is the lamest for breaking, Splash Mountain is not fun when there is no Sun out, and Indian Jones is super awesome. So finally around 8:30 we decide to sit down and eat. Where, we ended up waiting in the longest line of the day. It was redunk how long it took for us to get food, and i was second in line. But we ate, and headed over to World of Color!!!! Waiting in line was amazing, because by this point 6 girls who had been practically running all day, and waiting all day, were officially what i like to call slap happy. Everything was funny. EVERYTHING. The lady in line that Couldn't control her balloon to the rather large and tall man that kept bending over in front of us and sticking his butt where it doesn't belong to the other man who kept taking off his shoes in front of us. REALLY SIR?? Your feet SMELL!! Then there was the Bachelor group with their matching wind breakers from Oregon and seemed to think Arizona was on the other side of New Mexico. I'm sorry did you graduate high school?

Then finally the coolest part of the day.

WORLD OF COLOR!!! It is so amazing. AMAZING! we were in the "wet zone" and i didn't notice till after the show how soaking wet we all were. But it was so awesome. GO GO GO (this is me telling YOU the reader to go)!! So finally, its about 11o'clock at night, and we had been going allllllll day. My feet were past the "oh they hurt a little" stage and into "i cant feel my feet they are killing me and my legs are numb" stage. So we decided to take the trek back to the car. Not without saying a prayer that it was still there. OF course to add some dramatic effect there was a huge fence in the way so you couldn't see where i parked till you turned the corner, and what do you know.. IT WAS THERE. i like to think they thought about towing it but because of my rather clever note they gave us a break.

Anyway, if anyone has read this whole thing you are amazing. Just like the weekend. Special shout out to my cousin who let us sleep in his living room, and mom who let us borrow the burban which we couldn't do the BURBAN SLIDE without.
As a side note this blog has major misspelling and grammatical errors and at time may not make sense. But i am sick, and i dont care. I am also to lazy to fix it.