Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of things....

California is a beautiful place. Many times i sit and stare, thinking about the weather, the ocean, riding my bike, wishing i just had a million trillion dollars so everyday i could ride down to the beach, read, pray, eat and spend the rest of the day with people. I have spent most of my life thinking i am not a people person, but i beginning to think that's not true. I am learning to love relationships with people. They can effect so much of your life, what you do, say and how you feel. I think this might be because at 24 years old i have found friends. Real friends. I love my family and really cant imagine living in a place without them, and i do miss them dearly when i am away. But then again.... California is a beautiful place.......

I am going to spend the next weekish traveling around California seeing some friends, family until back to Arizona at the end of next week. I have a lot to think about. My life keeps taking this wild turns where again i have packed my car and pretty much living out of it minus the fact that i have friends houses to sleep in. This seems to happen quite often to me, i spent significant time laughing about that today with a friend. People get married, have babies start careers and my constant is living out of a car. ha. Oh life.

I am wondering where God wants me, where he is going to take me next. I am ready for anything. I was discussing today about the second coming. It could happen any day. Why am i not shouting at the rooftops trying to witness to people, where is my urgency? where is any ones urgency? Sometimes i act like we have all the time in the world to find Jesus Christ as our personal savior.... but this isn't true. Nothing is guaranteed. I believe this is something my dad says..... This conversation was brought on of course by first talking about death. Living with my grandparents has brought me face to face with the idea and reality of death. We had our neighbor die Tuesday morning. I couldn't believe it, it really happens, our earthly life really ends, and quicker then we know it. I think we spend so much of our life worrying and over thinking and before we know it it has passed us by........ when do i stop trying to run my life and give it over to God and really start living for Him.......... hmmmm... just thoughts really. Jumbled together....

Anyway... of to reality (college church group in carpenteria cali) tonight with my bud. I missed reality... its a great church doing great things. I enjoyed my weekends at rock harbor, also a terrific church. Excited to head back to CCV............. Also really would like to take the missions trip to Austria. I should just do it and stop talking about it. Give it to God.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The girl with the.......

So here is my issue. I was supposed to be starting this blogging series on Crazy Love.... the issue, that i also started the book The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo at the same time. Obviously a book i didn't know i would like as much as i did, then need to read the following two books after that. The good news. I am halfway done with the 3rd book, it has taken me about 2 weeks to get through them. Yippee. At least i think its good news, so then i can start Crazy Love fresh. As my mom stated this weekends its not a book you can just read a few chapters and put down. It takes awhile. This was encouraging. Because its true, this is not a book i want to fly through. Take in each sections slowly, and understand what i am reading. Good times.
So in that case i will update the 3 of you that read this on my life's happenings.
First off Happy Late 4Th of July. I spent this year with a couple girl friends down in Newport Beach. Probably wont be doing that again, so many crazy people. Something to do once, and probably not again. Many highlights from that short 2 day vacation i took with the girls. It was a great time, and a nice break. But it did take me the whole day today to recover. Apparently my grandparents were recovering from something too because we all spent all day in our pj's.
It is getting so much better living with them. I enjoy it. I enjoy most making dinner then sitting and talking for at least an hour after hearing stories, who did what, where it all happened. The simplest of stories. Hopefully i will have another couple weeks here then who knows whats in store for me.
I had 2 interviews in Texas this past week. I will find out and make decisions on those within the next two weeks. Its just interesting where life's brings you. Its never quite where you plan. I am enjoying it but at the same time i am ready to start something new, fresh and something i can be doing for a long time. I don't care where, that's all up to God. Putting myself in His hands.

anyway, i am off. Got a new watch and it is awesome. ask anyone.