Sunday, February 26, 2012


Remember that one time I really wanted to post a blog and I had no idea what to write! Is this because I have nothing interesting to say… or because I have nothing interesting to say? Probably a little of both..
Today marked the one year anniversary of me being baptized a huge legit MORMON. Oh boy. That word sure does scare people off... its amazing what saying you’re a Mormon does instantly to peoples opinion of you. It is amazing what that word used to do to me. I honestly sometimes can’t believe I fell for all this hoop-la, but I did, I totally did. You cannot deny the spirit when you truly ask for the answer, you just can’t, and I didn’t.
Things this last year have been incredible. The places I have been and the people I have meet are some of the most kind, friendly, honest, and honorable people ever. There was never denying Mormons where the best people on the planet, even when I thought the worst of the church, but they were, and they are. It is amazing the sense of security I feel now, and how honest, friendly, kind and honorable I want to be every single day. I have never known something so strongly…
I feel as though my growth as a person has been huge. I have always had trouble with being a bit of an introvert and very shy, and people mistaking me for mean or intimidating. But I can honestly say I have tried changing my attitude this last year, and sometime without even trying. When the spirit takes over you can’t help but have a glow and a kind heart. I have seen it in my friends and those recent converts as well, and more importantly I have seen the change in myself.
I have been able to see my friends be baptized, listen to many inspiration speakers, take the best nap of my life during general conference, live with some sweet roommates, visit Utah (mother ship) for the first time, Visit and see 10 temples, get myself a super cute and super awesome boyfriend, new job and school opportunities, and develop lifelong friendships. I also starting watching the bachelor for the first time ever… not sure if that’s an regret yet, depends on who he picks.
Sometimes I think blogs need to be these profound things with quotable sentences or crazy stories that you just can’t believe are true (Scott, but I know they all are true). But I suppose a blog is just thoughts, written down.. For your friends to read. So that’s that.

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